Is Social Media our Jessica Jones?

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Once in a while something happens that changes everything. Even if you resist yourself nothing will be the same again. I was so very intrigued by the new Netflix Original Series: Jessica Jones. First of all because I love Krysten Ritter and I have followed her career for years. And second, because I usually don´t like fiction, and in this case to watch this show was like an internal need! Something happened in the life of Jessica Jones that changed her forever, and she got to get used to it and make the best of it. Even if it took a while for her to accept it, her power changed the game.

Knowing is real means you gotta make a decision. One keep denying it. Or two…do something about it.

-Jessica Jones

Is Social Media our real life Jessica Jones? I bet you it is! Social Media changed everything. It changed the game not only for companies but also for the entire audiences of the world. It is a power capable of building great opportunities, but also capable of great destruction. That is why it is so important for companies to understand not only the power of social media, but how they need to move their pieces across the chessboard.

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Like Jessica Jones said you can deny it or do something about it. And the world is ruled by the warriors, the ones that dare to believe in the power of the unseen and most of the times unmeasurable. Great success is achieved by the ones that dare to believe in the power of infinite possibilities. Great success is achieved by the ones that are humble enough to understand that if something is changing beyond their power, they need to accept it and make the best of it. There is no absolute path to achieve greatness, but certainly they are guidelines that will make the path smoother.

Some Best Practices for a company´s social media networks are:

  1. Mantain a consistent message, tone and voice across all of the Social Media platforms: a rock solid understanding of them will serve as a guideline for content management. It is crucial to show cohesiveness across all the brand´s social media platforms.
  2. Be active and keep it simple: too many options that are not target oriented will not give better results.
  3. Really know the brand´s target audience: it is crucial to understand the brand´s target audience, their motivations, in order to tailor successful strategies according to their profiles.
  4. Be present, show up, engage: engagement is a key point in order to develop an online community. Is a mainstay for cementing the brand´s online influence.
  5. Share content that is helpful to the community and adds value: be a source of valuable content that enriches the audience and nourishes the online community.
  6. Be transparent, genuine, proactive and on brand: the first two will help the brand create valuable and solid online relationships with its audience. The last two will help them to mantain those relationships as well.
  7. Leverage on influencers: the established and the emerging ones. Emerging influencers with small but highly targeted communities are of great value for a brand. Establishing engagement with them since their early stages is unvaluable.
  8. Create brand advocacy and leverage on employees: employees have loads of potential to become outstanding brand advocates. They know the brand from within.
  9. Monitor and listen: as frequent as possible. There are platforms like Hootsuite that make this job easier.
  10. Analyze and measure: there are thousands of analytics tools out there. There are no excuses to not evaluate the performance of the brand´s social media platforms. Use this data to improve and lay out a strategy and tactics.
  11. Tailor a Social Media Policy to the company´s needs: prepare to be able to manage efficiently all the activities and resources in case of crisis. Moreover have guidelines to prevent.

jj sm image

Some tactics that any company can use are:

  1. Understand and put into practice the best frequency of posting and the best hours according to the analytics
  2. Create content that is shareable and spreadable like peanut butter
  3. Share and reshare content that adds value to the brand´s online community- It needs to trigger the audience
  4. Use images, hashtags and mentions
  5. Create a win-win relationship with the brand´s influencers – always tag and backlink to them
  6. Leverage on user generated content-earned media- reshare
  7. Use the R.E.A.L.L.Y framework for content creation
  8. Respond to comments and keep the conversation going
  9. Use social media analytics tools

It is really important that, at any stage, before acting to have a well studied strategic plan and also with it a contigency strategy. We live in a world in which we need to act quickly and differently towards each situation, and for it to end up being successful it is truly important to be prepared.


A little off topic, but I wanted to share something with you guys:

I finally discovered something amazing while the idea of this blog post hit me. I love acting and a little ago I figured out that it was because I like to create and give something of me to the audience. And I have discovered here a new passion- writing. It makes me truly happy to be able just to sit and start typing something that is unique and that always has something of me in it.

Keeping it genuine… lol,

Always with loads of love,


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